Fields of Expertise
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Fields of Expertise

OVVADIAS S. NAMIAS – LAW FIRM provides to natural persons and legal entities legal services that extend to the whole spectrum of Penal Law, with particular emphasis on the financial penal law and the international court assistance in penal cases. The company offers to domestic and foreign legal entities (Banking companies, Stock-exchange companies, Telecommunications companies etc.) its wide knowledge and experience in issues concerning corporate penal liability and compliance with the provisions of Penal Law, while it has established and maintains co-operation with major civil law firms in matters of penal concern. The scientific training and the experience of its members in the handling of penal cases ensure the best possible legal representation of its clients at a court and at aconsulting level. More specifically, the areas of expertise in which the firm  is active with great success are the following:


  • Corporate Penal Law
  • Corporate liability of legal entities
  • Corruption – Bribery
  • Breach of trust– Fraud
  • Tax evasion – Customs Office offenses
  • Penal Law on Sports
  • Penal law provisions on Competition (cartel offences)
  • Penal law provisions on Intellectual Property
  • European and international criminal law – Extradition and mutual legal assistance
  • Legalisation of Profits from Illegal Activities (Money Laundering)
  • Banking offences – Stock Exchange Offences
  • Penal Dimension of Environmental Law
  • Personal Data
  • Medical Negligence
  • Penal provisions on Gaming Law
  • Corporate Compliance
  • Corporate Internal Investigation
  • Cyber Crime